You Want:


To Get Your Ideas Heard


To Do Work That Matters


To Do What You Want

It's Tough to Get Ahead in a Typical Tech Career

You're on the Hamster Wheel...

...and you're Missing Big Results

You're Stuck in the System

If You REALLY Want Influence, Impact, and Autonomy,

It's Time to Change

"If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got."

-Someone Famous*

*Believe it or not, this quote has been attributed to Henry Ford, Mark Twain, and even Tony Robbins.

What Has to Change? Your Mindset

Tech Skills ≠ Tech Effectiveness

The Best Technologists Have:

✓ Tech Skills +

✓ Self-Management Skills +

✓ The Ability to Understand Others

Where These Skills Overlap = Technology Effectiveness

Higher Tech Effectiveness = Influence, Impact, and Autonomy

You've Got New Things to Learn

Understanding Others:

✓ Emotional Intelligence

✓ Empathy

✓ Listening

✓ Relatability

✓ Service

✓ Positivity


✓ Continuous Improvement

✓ Managing Commitments

✓ Being Coachable

✓ Perseverance

✓ Self-Awareness

✓ Mastery

Are You Up For It?

Awesome, Let's Go!

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Written by Technologists, for Technologists